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This group is chaired by Rev. Geoff Tickner and consists of approximately 10 persons representing Holy Trinity and Christ the King Churches. The group meets about 6 times a year. The meetings are structured, pleasant and friendly. They usually commence with a short prayer. We discuss events and services that have taken place and everyone has a chance to comment and give suggestions. Plans are made for future events and services. We ensure that there are enough people to handle these and that everyone concerned is aware of their particular job they have volunteered to do. In respect of the church services, notes are made of any visiting preachers and if refreshments are required. Information is passed on to the PCC for any approval that may be needed. We receive notification of any ‘Friends’ events and meetings and outings of the ‘Thursday Club’. In regard to publicity we now have newspaper coverage of events that are taking place. Minutes are taken at every meeting and passed around to all members. This keeps them aware of everything we have discussed in case they were unable to attend a meeting.

Sandy Highsted