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This has been a busy year for this Task Team.  Perhaps the biggest activity of last year was the ‘Time & Talents’ programme, conducted with Finance as part of a review of the duties and responsibilities of the members of our churches.  The response to the questionnaires was very good, and we have used the information to match people to tasks, thus making the running of certain activities much easier by sharing the load.


A major part of our concern is for mission, in whatever forms it might take.  Last year we were given the opportunity (with other churches in Stevenage)

to support Ruth Huelser in her work as a doctor with C.M.S. in Tanzania.  However, we are also conscious of the need to act within our local community.  As such, we have supported a number of local groups such as the Haven.  We will look to continue such work over the next year and will be asking for your help to make it happen.  We also play a role in helping the spiritual development of parishioners.  This is achieved by organising Away Days, Retreats and Bible studies so that we can explore and come to a fuller understanding of our faith.


There is a lot going on. Therefore it is important that we keep our church family informed.  To that end, we have started to produce the ‘Faith in Focus’ page in Trinity magazine.  Through this, you will learn of events as and when they are organised.  Hopefully some of them will appeal to you.


I will finish, as last year, with a request – simply, if you feel that there is something we should be doing and are not, please let us know!