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Annual Report 2005 - Trinity Online

Slow and Steady!

Trinity Online at, continues to reach out over the world wide
web to those requiring information about our church or Stevenage in general. There is a slow
but steady flow of emails reaching us through the contact page with enquiries.

I know some of you look at the web site because you either comment on how up to date it is
or how out of date it is. I do my best, but despite my appeals every year I still have to hunt
down the information to publish, it never comes to me in a ready to use form and frequently
even one promised fails to materialise. Can I ask all of you who do look at the site, not just
to comment to me but to comment to the ”owners• of the information ˜ i.e. the task team or
committee that should ask for their information to be accurate and up to date. Thank you.

This nicely leads on to my research project. Although not yet in production, I have been
testing a web portal package at The package allows news etc. to
be directly contributed to the web site by authorised people through easy to use online
forms. I hope to publish the portal version of Trinity Online before the summer.

Don‘t forget that you can reach many of the churches officers through the holytrinity-
stevenage domain name without having to remember personal addresses and more can be set
up on request.

Clive Bell