What Does The Parish Mean To Us?
Is This Our Future?
Do You Come Here Often?
When two or three come together...
Aghia Triath ecclessia
What Does Holy Trinity Mean To Arthur Richards?
What Does Holy Trinity Mean To Nick Busby?
A (former) Curates Life in the Parish
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Poems and Contemplations
A Poem for the Millennium
Clive's Collected Contemplations
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That was then...
2001 - Time to go again
2000 - Time to go and Sizzling Summer Sports
2000 - Vicar Buries Stevenage Borough
2000 plus - TJI Youth Group in the News

1999 - Summer at Barclay School
On the March in Stevenage with Ally's Army
1999 - Summer at Barclay School
Summer Graffiti - Their Words

1999 - Whitby - The centre where we stayed
1999 - Whitby - The lovely gardens

1998 - Trinity in Taize