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Services at HT & CtK

08:00 HT Said Eucharist
09:30 HT Sung Eucharist
11:15 CtK Sung Eucharist*
18:30 HT BCP Evensong
*1st Sunday of each month:
11:15 CtK Praise Together

Monday & Tuesday
08:30 HT Morning Prayer
17:00 HT Evening Prayer
08:30 HT Morning Prayer
10:00 HT Tea bar until 12noon*
17:00 HT Evening Prayer

19:30 HT Said Eucharist
Last Wednesday of each month:
20:15 CtK Prayer & Praise
*school term time only

08:30 HT Morning Prayer

10:30 CtK Eucharist
17:00 HT Evening Prayer
*Third Thursday of each month:

11:45 CtK Soup & Roll Lunch
08:00 HT Morning Prayer
17:30 HT Evening Prayer
08:30 HT Morning Prayer
10:00 HT Tea Bar until 12noon


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Churches of Holy Trinity and Christ the King

Our Vision...
We the Church in Holy Trinity and Christ the King exist to work for the coming of God's Kingdom by offering worship to God, showing the love of God through Christ, supporting and serving everyone in the whole parish and beyond; in order to develop awareness of ourselves and others, to grow together in faith, to encourage others to know God.

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