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Contact: Clive Bell - Tel: 01438 365564

The Groups

Led by trained lay leaders, Growth Groups take place once or twice a year for periods of 4 to 5 weeks on various days of the week and at varying times. They are hosted in various people's homes and last for one and a half hours. Those that have been part of a Growth Group before sometimes try to continue with the same group, but it is unusual for the group to contain all the same members. This makes it easier for people to join for the first time or to move around.

All the groups usually run with between six and ten members including a pair of leaders. The lay leaders have been trained to run groups, but are not experts in the subject matter and will be learning with you, not teaching you. The courses are a shared learning experience, not a series of lectures.

If you have never joined a house group then these groups are an ideal opportunity. If you are unsure talk to someone who has attended before to see how they enjoyed them.

How to join a group

Before a new session of meetings is about to start a leaflet is produced and made available from church. The leaflet includes everything you need to know to join a group. Handouts are provided and a small donation to cover the costs is suggested. Sessions are often split into two parts and it is also possible to join for the second group of sessions, in this case the weekly bulletin will contain details.


What do the groups study?

The Growth Groups were established using the EMMAUS series of courses and have also used a bible study course.

In June 2000, the groups looked at Living Images which asked the questions: What does it mean to be fully human, fully alive? and What does the Bible and Christian tradition teach us about being human?
In Ocober 2000 the groups are looked at 2 Peter in a bible study called All you need to know.
In 2001 we have studied Ephesians. In 2002 we looked at the Beatitudes.

Access to a bible is essential, but in-depth knowledge of its content is not!

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